Afifa was internally displaced
in 2004 due to the presence
of Taliban in her village. After finding shelter in another district her husband found it hard to find regular daily labour. Afifa returned alone to her village and became embroiled in a land inheritance dispute. She explained to an NRC legal counsellor that her deceased father had left four acres to his heirs – Afifa, her two brothers and her mother. However, her brothers refused to give her her rightful share.

The NRC counsellor informed her of her rights in sharia, national and international law. Afifa explained that her brothers were unaware 
of their obligations and that the custom in the area was to deny women immoveable property.
 The counsellor spoke with the village leader and they agreed to convene a village shura (collective discussion group) during which it became clear the brothers were unaware of their obligations under sharia law. Having shed their misconceptions – thanks to the counsellor’s intervention – they agreed to give their sister her share. Afifa now lives amicably with her brothers, noting they acted out of ignorance of the law.